Reflections of a Re-Formed Kayak Guide.

Hey Paddlers,
Just wanted to drop a post in about The 1st Liquid Rhythm Kayak Trip that took place on June 20th at Chassahowitzka River. This post is a little overdue but as those who read my posts know: I BE BUSY!!

For 8 years Jeff & I led trips & taught classes for Osprey Bay Outdoors(kayaks) a local outfitter who gave us our start, a solid base, and countless hours of instruction!! Jeff and I will never forget who gave us our start, but it was nice to be our own bosses. Also to not have to load 20 rental Yaks was nice too(sure Jeff will agree)!

We had 9 1/2( 1/2 paddler being Nick- I think 4yrs. of age) paddlers on the trip! I must say that I was surprised at the turnout as Jeff and I both have been on a break from guiding and teaching for about 9 months. We had mostly old friends on the trip but did have 3 1/2 new paddlers!!


The weather was good, the water was cool, and the people were GREAT. I had forgotten how other paddlers can really add to your paddling experience!! Although Jeff and I have nothing against having a rental fleet of Yaks or newbie paddlers, for now its really nice to just meet, paddle, and EAT!! Also you don’t feel as though you are having a bunch of in-experienced paddlers to watch out for. Just have to remember to not lay down on the job and be any less vigilant with the paddlers that are on the trip just because they have a little more experience! Jeff had this in an earlier post about becoming lax because you know the area or people you are paddling with.

The other cool thing Jeff and I did was to stay the night at the campground at Chaz River! The staff at the campground are very helpful and accomadating, and at $16.00 a night for the primitive site not a bad deal either! Jeff and I set up our tents in the fading afternoon light with some Guiness Extra Stout Beer, and talked about the people(all GOOD stuff HA HA HA!), places on the river, and wildlife we had seen. We also decided to make a camping trip outa as many paddles this year as we can for the simple fact its nice to extend the trip and not have to pack up and rush home! I believe Jeff said it best: We are actually LIVING THE LIFESTYLE!, not just paddling because its work or about the money. Hope everyone who went had a GREAT TIME,I know Jeff and I did!, & THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO DID PADDLE WITH US. YOU ALL ROCK!!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! Its nice to just be a Paddler/Re-Formed Guide/Instructor again!!


Totally Stoked, Sea Turtle Sean

ARBUCKLE CREEK in SEBRING/AVON PARK AREA of Florida! Directions and times to be posted soon!!!!!

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  1. Sean & Jeff I would like to go on your next trip in july. kevin said i could go down with you. are you going to come by my house. call me thanks. BEANER

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