Team River Runner: kayak clinic

usa-flagCity of St. Petersburg Parks and Recreation are sponsoring an event at Lake Seminole Park, Saturday May 2nd, 2009 from 9am-3pm.  Team River Runner is also helping to introduce people to kayaking and the benefits of programs that focus on healing through water sports.  U CanSki 2 and Liquid Access is also running an adaptive water skiing clinic at the same time. 

This event is happening due to the hard work of several people in the Parks and Recreation Dept., staff from the local VA Hospitals, people in the medical field, and the behind the scenes volunteers.

Lake Seminole Park
10015 Park Blvd. N
Seminole, Fl 33777


  1. Been reading your blog and I have put it in the blogroll on my blog. It is however in dutch, but maybe you’ll enjoy the pictures. Just now discovered that you blog about people with disabilities. and canoing.
    I saw pictures off a man with two leg prostheses. Does he kayak with or without his “legs” I am still pondering about the question. With or Without.

    I am in the process off having a special leg prostheses build. But am still anxious of sitting in a kayak wearing my “leg”.

    If you have an opinion about this or know of people with experiences please let me know.

    Niels aka Onelegleft.

  2. I am glad you like our blog, and I enjoyed the pictures on your blog.

    Sean and a few of our other paddling buddies who are below the knee amputee paddle with their prostheses. They do this with a short bungee clipped to the ankle joint of their prostheses (since the legs do not float).

    The picture of the guy with the bilateral below the knee prostheses paddles a whitewater kayak with his legs on.

    Some whitewater paddlers who are above the knee have a cuff built into their boat to cradle their residual limb. Because they are more comfortable without their leg.

    And then I have some other paddling buddies who go with out the leg/s. And they have just added more paddling to make them comfortable. Granted they are also hip disarticulation paddlers.

    From my experience in teaching and paddling with people who have an amputation, it all comes down to comfort.


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