Paddle for the Warriors

I copied this post from the Werner Blog, it is a little long but I did not want to edit the original author’s idea —Jeff

Paddle for the Warriors

Logo Mike Ford is paddling to support those making the ultimate sacrifice.

We are honored by the many requests we get for support or sponsorship each day.  To have paddlers look to Werner as the trusted paddle they want to use in their great explorations of the rivers, lakes and oceans of the world makes us proud.  Although we cannot always say yes, we always remind paddlers that Werner supports various environmental agencies and along with our Healthy Waters initiative we are doing our best to protect the very water ways these journeys take us to.

When Mike Ford approached us this winter to support him in, “Paddle for the Warriors,” we needed to step back and look at protection that spans far beyond just the environment.  Mike will be paddling to bring awareness to Hope for The Warriors, a foundation which provides support to the women, men, and their families, of the US Armed Forces, who have been wounded or killed in the line of duty.  With out these people, without their protection of our country and freedom, no expedition or exploration could be possible.

SunshineMike Ford lives on Top Sail Island, NC and works for the US Navy.  A passionate sea kayaker he hopes to use the 300 nautical mile, Everglades Challenge to raise support and awareness for “Paddle for the Warriors.”  You can read Mike’s own words on the race and what is driving him at the Hope for the Warriors site.  On behalf of supporter Lamar Hudgens and his family, owner of Barrier Island Kayaks in Swansboro, NC we want to wish Mike the best of luck and health in his training as he prepares for the race on March 7th-15th.  We know Mike and Paddle for the Warriors will give so many of us a portal to reach out and support the men and women truly protecting our freedom to paddle.

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