Tuktu Canoe Paddle

I choose to sometimes use a single blade Tuktu Paddle when I go kayak fishing for one reason.  Paddling should stay simple.  When meandering through the mangrove trails in Tampa Bay Florida it is a simple maneuver to use a single blade kayak paddle, also known as a canoe paddle, for it does not get easily hung up on low hanging branches.  Nor do I need to worry about dunking my fishing reel into the saltwater to break down a two-piece kayak paddle.

It is an easy trick for me to quickly transition from paddling to casting.  The Tuktu Paddle silently slides neatly under the bow compartment straps of my Ocean Kayak Prowler 13.  In addition, because of the paddles convenient size it makes a great backup paddle when it is stowed on the port side of my kayak under a bungee strap.  This old yet tried and true paddle technology of the first anglers is a great type of paddle.  It is compact, easy to use, and a great part of fishing history.  Go to www.TuktuPaddles.com to get you piece of fishing history today.

The paddle has a traditional Tlingit raven design on it


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