Suwannee River, Florida

I recently had the pleasure of paddling down a part of the Suwannee River as a river guide and Assistant Scout Master for my Boy Scout Troop. We started down the river on Monday the 21st of July and ended the trip Friday night. The scouts’ goal on this paddle was to develop their personal fitness, self-reliance, knowledge of wood lore, and a practical understanding of conservation. By doing these things, the scouts qualified to earn the BSA 50-Miler Award.

The scouts divided among seven canoes and two kayaks and began their paddle at the Suwannee River State Park. The water was low; consequently, the scouts and leaders learned how to read and react to swift moving water. We even practiced some rescues in the calm parts of the river to boost everyone’s’ confidence on the water.

The week was full of sun, a little rain, great food, and fun. I had a great time with my troop as an ASM. And I look forward to my troops next outdoor scouting adventure.

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