wrist-mounted digital camera

Sometimes I paddle with a Hero digital camera on my wrist. It is an interesting gadget. The Hero takes 250 pictures with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. It also has a video mode that shoots at 10 frames per second for 10 to 30 seconds. There is no screen on the back of the camera to see pictures. This means that I have to guess by using the optical viewfinder to capture a perfect kayaking moment.

Unfortunately, most of my pictures taken with this kayaking gadget have images cut in half. These oddly cropped pictures are due to the small optical viewfinder and the awkward position of taking a picture from my wrist.

The Hero is not my favorite camera; however, I still add it to my kayaking kit. It takes up little space. If I break it, I am not out of a lot of money. In addition, when I plug the camera into my computer it is like opening a fortune cookie. I never know if I got the perfect sunset or a picture of a kayaking friend missing their head.

It is possible to take cool pictures and create cool videos with the Hero camera. I am not that skilled in doing it. Below is a Hero video of some white water kayakers. Teletumbler posted this video on Youtube of their friends kayaking down the Northgate of The North Platte River.


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