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Sunday we paddled around Mullet Key, Fort Desoto, Florida.  The day was fresh and we had a great time reconnecting with our guests and our inner child.  This part of Tampa Bay is a great playground for kayaking.  It has strong tides, deceiving current, and abundant wildlife.

This was the first time I got my camera out and captured a dolphin playing tag between our kayaks.  For almost thirty minutes, it visited us.  Its visit set our mood to play instead of paddle.  As we paddled for the nine miles around the island we played with the eddying current and surfed the swells.

We stopped to have lunch under a giant oak.  Sean out did himself this time.  We feasted on hot pressed Cubin sandwiches, black beans with onions, fruit salad, and washed it all down with ice tea.  Yum.  Then we hopped over the surf and got to paddling again.

As we rounded the south-east corner we meandered through the grass flats.  Spooking fish, and practicing bow rudders and side slipping.  We eventually came up on to a small sandy beach.  It was at the north end of the grass flats and next to a deep channel.

Resting in the pool we channeled out inner three year-olds.  It had been a long time that any of us just sat in the water and caught hermit crabs.  There were ones a centimeter long to 5 cm.  It was great fun.

We had two more miles.  And pumped it out quick.  Once we got back to the put in a two of our paddlers practiced their rolling.  “We roll to breath,” I told one paddler, and they laughed.  But seriously it is an exercise in balance and calmness.  I will elaborate about my thoughts on rolling later.

At the end of the day we were refreshed, reborn, and renewed with the knowledge of why we paddle.  It is all about fun.


Hows It Paddlers,

A couple of weeks ago I went for a paddle at my favorite close paddling destination, just to relax a little bit. I left the house with my Kayak, Paddle, PFD, and a dry bag that contained my MSR stove and gas canister and a cooking pot. I also had a Pasta Pak and extra rotini noodles. I decided that I would paddle for about 2 hours then go to an Island in the Inter-coastal waterway and cook and eat my lunch on the beach under the Australian Pines; then paddle in with a new state of mind.

Well the paddle was absolutely wonderful and it did refresh my soul!! BUT, lunch turned out to be an adventure in itself. I got to the island, pulled out my stove and pressurerized it. Got it lit and put my pot of water on to begin boiling it. All was going well when with the water beginning to boil; I discovered I had completely FORKED MYSELF!! I had forgotten to bring an eating utensil,UGGHHH!! On top of that the Mosquitoes found me and began their own feeding ritual– minus any type of eating utensil. Ah, ha!! I had an idea!

So as a Seasoned Kayaker and Survivalist, I did the only thing I could– I improvised!!! Found my trusty safety whistle on my PFD, and used it as a shovel to get the Pasta out of the pot and into my mouth. As I did this another boater was watching me on the beach, finally I looked over and said ” I forgot my Fork, that is why I’m shoveling and flipping noodles and sauce into my gaping mouth like a STARVED PELICAN feeding on a large school of small fish!!”
The boater laughed and said “as the Checkers commercials go– You Gotta Eat!” He had been wondering what I was doing, and was glad I explained it to him- We both got a good laugh from the situation! After lunch I took my time paddling back and reflected on a short, but enlightening days paddle.

I know this is not a very informative post, but I thought it was worth blogging about. Just goes to show you that as paddlers we need to remain flexible and think outside the box. Watch the animals and surrounding area- Nature might just be the inspiration/supplier you need to survive the situation. As an experienced paddler I am always amazed at what every trip out paddling makes you learn to appreciate or teaches us in some way. Well get out there and go Paddling!!

Constantly Learning, Sea Turtle Sean.

mmag00441_0000_1_P.S.—- Don’t forget about the Saturday, August 22nd Paddling Trip- we will be circumnavigating Mullet Key/Fort Desoto!! Check out the Trips Section of the site. Hope to see you there!!