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I have a solution if you want to have a rocking good time in scaring your friends into becoming environmental aware.¬† This is how you can set the stage.¬† Go overnight kayaking or camping with a portable dvd player and two films to set the stage.¬† If you can hook up a digital presenter and throw its image onto a blanket you are good as gold.¬† Then it’s time for the popcorn, baked apples, and drink a good brew.

frontline poisoned watersYou could start the evening by showing a film like the April 21, 2009 PBS Frontline documentary “Poisoned Waters“.¬† After a few more drinks then it is time to show your feature film “The Bay“.¬† Get ready, this is an Environmental Science Fiction Horror film and it defiantly is a disturbing form of entertainment.¬† “The Bay” is a genre of film that blends environmental activism with entertainment and results in an Environmental Science Fiction Horror film.¬† It is a fictional documentary about the Chesapeake Bay,¬† directed by Barry Levinson.¬† Curiously, some of the content of the film appears to be based on some facts from “Poisoned Waters“.¬† Thus this setup is a knockout.


the bayBarry Levinson uses a kaleidoscope of digital recording devices to tell a cohesive story in “The Bay” about the town of Claridge in Maryland on July 4th 2009.¬† The tall tale tells the story of local people becoming sick and dieing within a day’s time.¬† Due to the unique cinematic choices the Eco-Horror story takes the form of a documentary created by the local people documenting their confusion, frustration, and fear as some discover that everyone is infested with isopod larva that have changed due to pollution.

At the end of the night you and your friends will be scratching, nervously wanting to boil water, and wondering could “The Bay” actually happen.

The reality is “The Bay” is today’s “Godzilla”; “Godzilla was conceived as a monster created by nuclear detonations and a metaphor for nuclear weapons.”¬† Today’s environmental fear is not nuclear weapons it is water or more specifically¬†non point source (NPS) pollution.¬† Can pollution alter isopods to become monsters, probably not.¬† But monster isopods do become a good metaphor for illustrating our fear.

– Jeff