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There is one thing we control outside.  We cannot control the weather, nor guarantee our friends will have fun outside. The food is where we have ultimate dominion.  At the last Thursday night lecture, and following Saturday overnight camp out we showcased some of our favorite taste bud recipes.

We demonstrated the strengths and limitations of cooking over wood, liquid fuel, and isobutane.  Each heat source has its unique abilities and ideal cooking situations.  The foods that we sampled were fresh local fish – fish tacos, egg omelet salsa wraps,  baked apples and banana foster, spicy chicken with rice and baked corn bread, and s’mores.  The dehydrated foods were spicy noodles, ice-cream, and key lime pie.  With all of this eating we needed to stay well hydrated.  And we did by making espresso, tea, a hot toddy, and some hot coco.

snowpeak stove



egg omelet salsa wraps

archies island cooked

GigaPower lantern

spicy chicken

spicy chicken, rice, baked corn bread


local fresh fish


cooking with fire

baked apples

baked apples MSR Dragonfly



A happy kayaker paddles on a full stomach – Jeff

*   *   *

Next Thursday December 19 at 6:30pm we are taking on the issue of clothing.  Because no one kayaks naked.  And remember our camp out is Saturday December 21 into Sunday

This post is to inform our readers on the final updates before Jeff and Sean leave for the Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail Expedition as TEAM Sweetwater on Monday Sept. 19th, 2011. I will also touch base on a few of the “Lost” minute thoughts that Jeff and I are having before we finish packing and loading of gear.

So we have most everything ready to go food wise and possibly even more than we will need. Dinners will be Mountain House and some fresh local fair along the way. Lunches – well lets just say we will be getting more than enough calories. Breakfasts will be fruit and oatmeal.

Lets not forget the coffee- Jeff has hoity-toity Starbucks Viva instant and Sean has made homemade Coffee BOMBs, yes coffee bombs (you will just have to check back regularly to see what those are).


As far as recent happenings we have sent out the Official Media Press Release as of 09/12/11 and it was sent to the local media in Pinellas County(where we are from) as well as media down in the Cultural/Paradise Coast area that encompasses the Lee County area where Jeff and I will be paddling.

We have been given the opportunity to stay at the Rock Lake Resort Cottages on Billys Creek, the Sun & Moon Inn in Matlacha , the Jug Creek Cottages on Bokeelia, the Castaways Beach and Bay Cottages on Sanibel Island, and have also been given complimentary campsites at Cayo Costa State Park, San Carlos Bay Campground, and last but not least Koreshan State Park. We will also be doing about 3-4 nights primitive camping on spoil islands along the way over the 13-14 day period. We will be taking advantage of these lodging partners as a way to promote the many options along the Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail.

The kayaks are ready & watertight and we have done the pre-packing game. We have all the necessary safety gear and have gone over our “pre-paddle” checklist. We are cleared for Paddle-Off!! I must say though that I still need to go get a “true proper chart” as we have done all the planning off the Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail foldout maps. Jeff and I would just feel safer with true water depth and obstruction charts to paddle with as a safety precaution.

The Liquid Rhythm Kayaking Blog will be updated hopefully daily or as much as we can get KayakKev to write a quick days description of what we did and where we are. So check back regularly.

Jeff & I will also be volunteering for a half day at the Clinic for Rehabilitation Of Wildlife(CROW) on Sanibel Island so please do not forget they are our charity of choice and they desperately need donations and to please help them out if you can either with donations of money or supplies or by volunteering at the clinic. Visit the site from our link at the top of the page. HELP SPREAD THE WORD!

Jeff & I will be returning to the Calusa Blueway Paddling Festival & Symposium on Nov. 4-6th to do a lecture on our 2 week paddling expedition and to teach a course on safety titled: Minimal Preparation prevents Massive Maintenance. Hope to see some of our readers there.

And now for Sean’s and Jeff’s Lost Thoughts:


  • Did we pack everything we needed?
  • Did we pack to much?
  • Where in the world is my tooth brush and did the Calusas brush their teeth?
  • When do I get to PET the American salt water crocodiles & do I have to wait till Estero Bay?
  • How many Bullsharks do you think there are in the Caloosahatchee River & can I PET them?
  • Do you think we will see any ghosts of Native Calusa Indians- I sure hope so.


  • 😉 less is more,…
  • I have a Power Point presentation.  I hope everything stays dry.
  • Mosquitoes…where is my DEET!?
  • I think…therefore we are ready to rock and row!

In closing we would like to acknowledge the following people & Sponsors who have worked hard behind the scenes to make the trip possible so far: GOD, Betsy Clayton- Lee County Parks & Rec., Nancy Macphee-FPTA, Russell Farrow – Sweetwater Kayaks, CROW of Sanibel, Jim Swope- Swope Public Relat., St. Petersburg Limb & Brace, All of our lodging partners, College Park Prosthetic feet & ALPS South, Kayak-Kevin Thompson & Peggy, and our Families & Friends who continue to support our paddling adventures. And our readers and supporters of LRK’s Journal. If we left anyone out let us know and we will add you to follow up posts.

Well we hope that our readers stay tuned and that you enjoy following along with us on our little adventure. Thank You for reading and as always: E’ Komo Mai’= You are Welcome Here!

– Jeff & Sean

Swamp Ape sighting

Posted: September 8, 2011 by Jeff Fabiszewski in blog, Food
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We sighted two Swamp Apes this weekend!  Usually Swamp Apes are shy and elusive, and you are in luck when you find one…

We chose to go paddling a few night ago to get the bugs sorted out of our kits.  And comfort is going to be an issue for us.  Sean is having an issue with the back band, and my left foot is falling a sleep.  We ended our pre-paddle on one of our local spoil islands and  Sean was most surprised when I offered him a dark bottle of Swamp Ape IPA.

This Florida beer is born at the Florida Beer Company in Melbourne.  When the top is popped off the smell awakens your senses.  Swamp Ape is a Double India Pale Ale and if Florida could be bottled it would taste like this beer!  This is a tropical brew that has a balanced dose of spicy black pepper.  As it flows past the teeth and down the throat a blend of pineapples, peaches, mango, and oranges come through.  Even the carbonation is not powerful it has just the right amount of prickliness.  It is not a weak beer. There are five different types of hops and the strong fruit aromas balance out the potent aroma and slightly bitter after-taste.  The 10% alcohol slowly makes itself noticeable with a dry, thick, and creamy finish.  Yum…

We do not condone mixing drinking and boating.  That is why we are more about quality than quantity.  And after we are done paddling for the day one beer with full flavor is always better than a six pack of the other stuff.  Especially when you plan on waking up early the next day to go paddling.  Be safe, and do not go paddling even after having one beer.  When you drink stay put.  It is not worth the buzz kill.  – Jeff

cravings filled by Mojo

Posted: September 6, 2011 by Jeff Fabiszewski in blog, Expeditions, Food

When we paddle sometimes a craving for something sweet and salty stirs us forward.  That’s why we asked CLIF Mojo™ to sponsor us.  Their bars blend different flavors and textures to satisfy the sweet and salty tooth.

I was very surprised to discover a box of five different types of Clif Mojo Bars on my door step.  During our paddle we will be satisfy our cravings with Peanut Butter Pretzel, Chocolate Almond Coconut, White Chocolate Macadamia, Dipped S’mores, and Dipped Chocolate Peanut.  These bars are chock full of whole nuts, pretzel pieces, and other tasty morsels making them crunchy, chewy, sweet, and salty.  They are going to be the perfect snack while we are pumping through the miles.  And since Cliff Bar makes their products with 70% organic ingredients, it’s good for the planet too.

Thank you Clif Bar!  –  Jeff