🥪Reuben sandwich

Tasty food options are endless with a Snow Peak❄🗻 Gigapower stove and a hot sandwich maker. The results are always yummy 😋⛺

Cooking Tools

With the GigaPower stove, on a low flame, I am using a SnowPeak accessory windscreen and a Burner Pad.  The burner pad or Cooking Net disperses the flame. To make the hot pressed sandwich I am using a Hot Sand Maker. There are many types of these pie irons.

Ingredients per sandwich

  • pastrami, 3 ounces thinly sliced = about 4 slices
  • corned beef, 3 ounces thinly sliced = about 4 slices
  • Swiss cheese, 2 ounces thinly sliced = about 2 slices
  • sauerkraut, 2 ounces about a quarter cup
  • Thousand Island dressing, spoon full
  • spicy brown mustard, thinly spread inside on both slices of bread
  • butter, thinly spread outside on both slices of bread
  • Rye and Pumpernickel bread, 2 slices

Assembly of ingredients

  • butter
  • bread
  • spicy brown mustard
  • swiss cheese
  • pastrami
  • corned beef
  • thousand island dressing mixed into the sauerkraut
  • corned beef
  • pastrami
  • swiss cheese
  • spicy brown mustard
  • bread butter

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